Travel to Alaska Cheap!

Planning your Alaskan vacation can be daunting. Choosing what to see, where to go, and where to stay gets extremely overwhelming, and then there is the cost of airfare. Vacations to the last frontier can get expensive! But we’re going to let you in on a secret that is well known among Alaskans, but not so much among the rest of the country. That is the PFD airfare sales.

Every October residents of Alaska who are eligible, receive a Permanent Fund Dividend, an annually calculated amount of money based off the the 5 year average returns of natural resource extraction. During this time many local businesses hold sales, and Alaska Airlines is one such company.

The great thing about the Alaska Airlines airfare sale, is that people outside of Alaska can also benefit. On select days, flights from Seattle to Anchorage are now $100 one way! Search for your destination and see what departure cities are currently part of the sale. The catch is, all airfares must be purchased by October 10 and only certain days include the sale.

Travel plans not yet in your future? Then let us bring some of Alaska to you and subscribe to our quarterly subscription box. And feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about planning your Alaskan adventure. We love to talk about Alaska!

A view of Homer, Alaska, just one of the many places to visit on your Alaskan vacation.



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