Welcome to the Alaska Cache Box blog!

The mission here at Alaska Cache Box is to help grow Alaskan small businesses and expose people outside of Alaska to new products from the 49th state, by offering a quarterly subscription box. This blog is one step toward that goal of helping grow the Alaskan economy by educating future visitors or enthusiasts of Alaska on the many products they will most likely never see in the typical tourist trinket shops.

Alaska Cache Boxes ready to be sent out into the world!
Alaska Cache Boxes ready to be sent out into the world!


Alaska Cache Box sources items that are uniquely made by Alaskans. It is our hope that by introducing you to these new products, you will visit the websites or actual brick and mortar stores of the small businesses we feature, and become life-long customers. Each Alaska Cache Box includes a write up on the businesses featured for that quarter, including links to their websites. Our intent with this blog is to further that product and business discovery by sharing with you more in depth information on our local businesses, artists, and makers.

In this space we will be sharing with you regularly Alaskan business features, Alaskan interest stories, and travel tips. Please keep an eye on our blog and share with your friends!




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