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We encourage people to keep Alaskan gifts in mind all year, not just on the holidays.  Alaska Cache Box brings you unique Alaskan products every three months, but you can discover fun Alaskan made items elsewhere too.  We have started a list of some of the products and websites we love and have featured in Alaska Cache Box.  Take a moment and visit these wonderful artists and businesses.

So many fun items in an Alaska Cache Box!
So many fun items in an Alaska Cache Box!


Brianna Regan

Ellen Million

Kristen Hendricks

Sean Kurdziolek Photography

Trickster Company

Ugly Mugs

William Corey


Kaylene Johnson

Breweries & Distilleries

Anchorage Distillery 

Clothing & Accessories

907 Clothing Company

Meet me In Alaska


Backwoods Leather Stitchings

True North Project

Whimsy Paper and Books


Copper River Seafoods

Indian Valley Meats


Sipping Streams Tea Co.

Skin Care

Alaska Soaps & Scents


Boreal Winds

Ever After Me

Salmonberry Origins


Marian Call

Pet Supplies

Ruby Snacks


Last Frontier Magazine 


Happy Holidays!

At Alaska Cache Box, we like to make you smile by sharing the things we enjoy about Alaska.  In the coming year, we hope that you will share your favorite thoughts and dreams with us as well. You are important and matter to us.  We hope you have a warm and joyful holiday and a bright new year!


Happy Holidays

Life in Alaska: Winter Solstice

The changing of the seasons is very important in Alaska. Weather can be extreme in the state, to say the least. Temperatures in the interior can get as cold as sixty degrees below zero Fahrenheit (without wind chill) in the winter and as hot as ninety degrees above zero Fahrenheit in summer. In a lot of the state, snow is on the ground more months than it’s not. This makes the changing of the seasons very important to Alaskans.

On a clear night, winter solstice is a great time to watch for the Aurora.
On a clear night, winter solstice is a great time to watch for the Aurora.

Winter solstice marks the point in the year where the day is at its shortest and the night is at its longest. It typically occurs around December 21st in North America. Winter solstice is important to Alaskans because it marks the return of summer, the return of long days and the promise of warmer weather. Utqiaġvik (formally known as Barrow), Alaska survives in 67 days of darkness during the winter months. Following winter solstice, Utqiaġvik gains almost 9 minutes of daylight. Fairbanks gains about 7 minutes and Anchorage gains around 6 minutes. That gain in daylight happens until the summer solstice.

Fairbanks, Alaska is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun.” Because Fairbanks is below the arctic circle it has almost but not quite 24 hours of sunlight leading up to the summer solstice. Contrary to the winter solstice, the summer solstice is the point in the year where the day is the longest and the night is the shortest. Communities above the arctic circle, like Utqiaġvik, experience almost 90 days of continual sunlight. A common saying that goes around the state is that Alaska plays hard during the summer months to make up for the dark and cold during the winter months. Many people will misjudge the time due to the amount of daylight. Much to the consternation of many Alaskans (and tourists), the constant sunlight during the months of summer also means that the sky is not dark enough to see the aurora borealis.

There are many festivals and activities that mark the coming of winter and summer solstice. In Fairbanks is the Midnight Sun Run, where runners dress up in costumes and run a 10 kilometer race under the midnight sun. Winter is celebrated with bonfires and a parade of lights all during the month of December in Talkeetna, Alaska. The coming of spring is celebrated in Alaska as well as Anchorage hosts its annual Fur Rondy. And Dillingham hosts the Beaver Roundup. No matter which time of year is preferred, there is always plenty to celebrate in the long summer or short winter days in Alaska.

If you can’t enjoy the solstice festivals in Alaska, let us bring Alaska to you!  Order an Alaska Cache Box and get unique Alaskan gifts sent to you every three months.



Business Spotlight: Meet me In Alaska

One thing we love at Alaska Cache Box is working with brand new small businesses.  It is our goal to help expand the reach of the small Alaskan businesses we work with and in turn help you discover new and exciting products. Today we’d like to introduce you to Meet me In Alaska, a clothing company in Juneau, Alaska. We are featuring them in our December boxes and they offer a variety of clothing and accessory products.  Read on to learn more about Meet me In Alaska.


Visit Alaska? Just go.
Visit Alaska? Just go.


Describe your business; how long have you been operating?

Meet me In Alaska is a relatively young business, having started with the idea in January 2016 and going live in April 2016. We are located in Juneau, Alaska.

Kelsey, the owner and operator, was born and raised in Alaska and her love for Alaska runs deep. Her parents met in Alaska, and she also met her husband in Alaska, so “Meet me In Alaska” has been years in the making.  Kelsey created Meet me In Alaska to highlight the adventurous, fun, romantic, and wild side of our wonderful state!

What is unique about your product or artwork?

The advantages of being an artist is that each day there is a new opportunity for fresh ideas to bloom. Kelsey often doesn’t follow a strict business plan on her inventory. She creates new products almost weekly and does artwork for her business daily. Follow them on Facebook to see what new and original inventory they will come up with next!

What product would you recommend as the best gift for the holidays?

Everything in Meet me In Alaska’s inventory is designed to be the perfect gift for any person that truly loves Alaska. The most personal item would be a commissioned work of art (canvas, tote, mug, etc). The best products available for shipping today are the Alaska-themed coloring books and baby onesies! Their clothing is always changing and often times only a limited amount is available. Snatch them up when you have a chance because they may be gone tomorrow 😉

If a first time visitor to Alaska could only visit one place in the state, where would you recommend they visit?

Beautiful Sitka by the Sea!

What do you love most about Alaska?

There are WAY too many things to list about Alaska that we love. Here are a few to get the ball rolling…Alaska is mysterious, exciting, breathtaking, wild, liberal, easy-going, multi-cultural, romantic, and downright amazing!!! We are thrilled to call this wonderful state our home.

Anything more you’d like to add?

Please check out our Facebook page at We are currently working on designing and opening a website. Stay tuned!!!

You can also contact us at- or by calling 907-738-1414.