6 Places You Should Eat at in Fairbanks, Alaska

While Fairbanks, Alaska isn’t exactly known for its quality cuisine, if you look hard enough you can find some delicious eateries tucked away like shiny little golden nuggets. Here is a list of a few of our favorites (order is not indicative of greatness, they’re all pretty great!) that aren’t the typical tourist fare, but all local flavor. You’ll want to try these on your next visit to the Golden Heart of Alaska.


1.Sipping Streams Tea Co. – Just want to relax with a nice cup of tea? Sipping Streams Tea Company is the best place in Fairbanks to do so. All the teas are hand blended and offer unique tastes for tea lovers.  We recommend trying the Northern Serenity blend, a soothing tisane tea made with mint and cocoa nibs.

2. Brazen Bistro– If you want a meal that will stick to your ribs, you can’t do better than the fare at Brazen Bistro. But get there early because they can sell out of their Brazen Bowls rather quickly!  The bowls are made with a potato or veggie base of your choice, followed by tasty brazed meats, topped off with fresh sauces or cheese.  Outdoor seating is limited; it is best to utilize the drive up option.

A Brazen Bowl is the taste of Fairbanks.
A Brazen Bowl is the taste of Fairbanks.

3. Lemongrass– Fairbanks, oddly enough, has a high percentage of Thai restaurants, so choosing a favorite can be difficult. However, Lemongrass has been a staple in Fairbanks since the mid 90’s and their menu is nothing short of comfort.  Fresh local ingredients are used when in season, and their seasonal specials are well worth it.  In the autumn, they serve the much anticipated pumpkin curry and their green Thai iced tea will satisfy any sweet tooth.

4. Alaska Cheesesteak Co. – When you need something to warm up your insides and your spirit, this is the place to go! These hearty cheesesteaks will dispel any winter chill but the tiki shack themed décor will also brighten up those winter blues.  The item to get on this menu is the Pineapple Teriyaki cheesesteak, a family recipe full of all sorts of goodness!

The Original Pineapple Teriyaki Cheesesteak!

5. Pita Place– The summer in Fairbanks heralds the return of the seasonal food trucks and food stands. Pita Place is one of best seasonal food stands in Fairbanks.  They offer fabulous falafel tucked away in homemade fluffy pita bread.  Don’t forget to get a piece of golden sweet baklava for dessert!  Seating is outdoors, but comfortably covered.

6. The Blue Loon– Located right next door to Fairbanks, in Ester, Alaska, the Blue Loon offers not only good food but also entertainment. Most nights of the week this theater pub shows movies for a nominal fee.  The burgers are some of the best you’ll find in the area.






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