5 Alaskan Musicians You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Music is ingrained in our daily lives and yet it is staggering how many talented artists we never get the opportunity to hear.  At Alaska Cache Box we love discovering new music and sharing it with others.  Alaska is a hot bed of creative talent and the music scene is as vast and varied as the state itself.  Below you’ll find a short list, in no particular order, of some Alaskan musicians we think you’ll enjoy.


  1. Blackwater Railroad Company – If you want the feel of Alaskan life in music form, Blackwater Railroad Company does the trick.  This band from Seward encompasses that Folk/Rock sound that Alaskans can’t get enough of.  But this band doesn’t stop at sharing their musical talent, they also created a ‘music lending library’ that allows children in their community to play instruments they wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to play. We love bands that give back to the community!
  2. Marian Call – This singer/song writer from Juneau is truly one of a kind.  She pairs her smooth vocals with unique accompaniment and subject matter.  It isn’t uncommon for her to bust out a beat on an old fashioned typewriter or sing about geek culture with tributes to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Her songs are deep rooted in the human experience but with a fun side too!
  3. Pamyua – Pamyua (pronounced bum-yo-ah) is a Yup’ik Inuit word meaning ‘encore’ or ‘do it again’, and you will be screaming ‘encore’ after every Pamyua performance.  This group is best described as Inuit soul music, mixing traditional Alaskan Native rhythms and song with R&B style vocals.  You’ve never heard anything like this, it is a treat for your ears!
  4. Emma Hill – Nicknamed the ‘Sleetmute Sweetheart’, we first heard Emma Hill perform at a small coffeehouse in Fairbanks.  She blew us away with her range and heartfelt personal lyrics.  Best described as Folk/Americana, Hill captures that Alaskan feel perfectly.
  5. Hannah Yoter Band – This new band just released their first album in November, 2016 and they are truly a group to keep your eye on!  Originally from the rural town of Hope, Hannah Yoter’s vocals are soothing and easy to get lost in. The band’s sound sits somewhere between Americana and Classic Country.We hope you enjoy our favorite musicians.  Tell us in the comments who your favorite Alaskan artists/bands are!



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