Artist Spotlight: Kristen Hendricks – Paint Alaska

The state of Alaska is full of many different artists all exploring various styles of mediums.  Kristen Hendricks of Fairbanks, Alaska is one such artist.  Her watercolors have been featured in the 2016 Fall Quarter Alaska Cache Box, and exemplify the beauty of Alaskan wilderness and landscapes. We asked her to share with us a little bit about her work.

Rainbow Ridge as painted by Kristen Hendricks
Rainbow Ridge as painted by Kristen Hendricks

Describe your artwork; how long have you been creating art? Where are you located? Why did you start your business?

I have been creating art since I was a kid, my parents really encouraged creativity and were incredibly supportive growing up and still are! Right now I live in Fairbanks. I have a background in Medical Illustration, but have always enjoyed fine art and painting. I started the Paint Alaska venture shortly after moving to Alaska as a way to document and share my experiences exploring the state.

What is unique about your  artwork?

Watercolor is a greatly explored medium, and landscape painting is definitely not a new, but I try to push colors and vibrancy in a medium more often known for its subtleness.

What product of yours would you recommend as the best gift for the holidays?

Notecards. Who doesn’t love getting hand written note at the holidays, or anytime?

If a first time visitor to Alaska could only visit one place in the state, where would you recommend they visit?

I would recommend taking a drive down the Denali Highway from Cantwell to Paxson. I’ve visited this area during several times of year and I’m always wowed by the beauty of the area.

What do you love most about Alaska?

I love the landscapes, but I also love the sense of community in Fairbanks.



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