A look back at the Fall Quarter Alaska Cache Box

Fall is still in the air in many places around the USA, but for Alaska winter is quickly approaching.  As Alaskans are pondering the day when the snow will fly and stick for the next nine months, you can take a look at what Alaska Cache Box brought to your doorstep for the fall quarter.

Alaska Cache Box Fall Quarter Box 2016
Alaska Cache Box Fall Quarter Box 2016

True North Project – Glenna Merket of Soldotna, Alaska creates an array of jewelry based off an Alaskan theme.  Each piece and saying included on the accompanying card embodies a positive essence of Alaska.  For many, the autumn time in the North is heralded by the ripening of low bush cranberries.  The season is short and winter is never far from enveloping the land.  Perhaps this is why picking these tart fruits is so cherished; one last foray into the land before it is frozen. Luckily these cranberry earrings can be enjoyed all year long.

Alaskan Soaps & Scents – From Wasilla, Alaska, Alaskan Soaps & Scents offers a wide array of beautifully smelling locally made goat milk soaps.  These soaps are gentle on your skin but smell amazing.  Branching off from the typical flowery perfumes, they also offer unique scents like oak & moss, harvest spice, and cedar & saffron.

907 Clothing Company – Two sisters, Melissa and Kaitlin, run their clothing business out of Haines, Alaska.  They offer clothing and accessories featuring Kaitlin’s original artwork.  Incorporating the Alaskan area code, 907, the pieces they offer speak to the fun and whimsical nature of Alaska, both terrestrial and nautical.

Paint Alaska – Kristen Hendricks illustrations embody the grand expanse and beautiful colors the landscapes of Alaska have to offer.  Kristen lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and has a formal education in Fine Art and Medical Illustration.  Her work has been shown at galleries in New York, Connecticut and Fairbanks.  Her works are firmly grounded in reality, but owing to the whimsical, playful nature of the medium, often exaggerate or emphasis certain colors or compositions to capture the feeling of the hour or season.  Prints of her works can be purchased from her Etsy shop.







6 thoughts on “A look back at the Fall Quarter Alaska Cache Box

  1. My name is JW Frye and I represent the Alaskan band Blackwater Railroad Company. This group is a tremendous representation of the AK music sound and has toured extensively around the US including at the national tree lighting ceremony in DC last November. I believe that music or merch from the group would pair beautifully with the boxes of AK stuff.


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